Improving Relationships with Expert Counselling

gay couple issue

Counselling 4 U aims to help people understand each other more, particularly families and couples.  We offer counselling and Psychotherapy  for a range of stresses and situations, though we particularly specialise in affairs and betrayals, issues with intimacy and sex, couple's counselling, and psychodynamic therapy. We also tend to help couples and families with shared trauma and anxieties. Etti, the therapist behind counselling 4 U, is a qualified individual and couple's psychodynamic counsellor and Psychotherapist who can support you. 

How Therapy Helps

There are times in our relationships when we realise that we are drifting apart from our partners. The emotional connections feel fragile and unsatisfactory. Intimacy starts to fade and loneliness seems to spread. We might wonder what has happened to us, where the love disappeared to and how to find it back. 

Surprisingly, we might find ourselves attracted to the same kind of relationships which made us unhappy before as if we only deserve unhappiness. This is one of the significant signs that you may need to seek help from a qualified relationship therapist